Bringing delicious flavors to the world ...

Beloved for 70 years

We make snack foods here in Himeji (Japan) and export them globally.
At Takata Foods, our mission is to bring you convenient and simple but delicious snacks that bring back memories.
Our products are loved just as much now as in years gone by and will fill any home with smiling faces.

Committed to quality

We have a thorough quality management system in place to ensure safe products you can eat with confidence.

All our staff work with the utmost care, taking pains to bring you snacks that are safe as well as delicious, so you can enjoy them with confidence.

Irresistible flavors

We insist on making our products without frying, to keep the flavor the same as it has always been.

No matter how many you eat, you’ll never get tired of that simple flavor.
Once you start, you just can’t stop.